Our Story

Rolfe Rub is an everyday seasoning to replace your basic salt and pepper (and yes, it is also a BBQ rub!)

The creation of our family’s spice blend originated in Dallas in December, 2014. Davis and I arrived home from hunting with seven ducks in tow. Unlike most wives that would instruct us to, “take those nasty things outside,” my Mississippi girl, Mary K, said, “Why don’t we serve the ducks alongside our venison for Christmas dinner?”  For those who have had the pleasure of eating wild duck— they need some serious seasoning! After rummaging  through the spice cabinet, Rolfe Rub was born!  Tweaks and trials and guinea pigs later, the current version of the spice blend was perfected!  This unique seasoning was also the catalyst for our daughters, Quinn and Campbell, to start eating salmon and Brussels sprouts.

Mary K and I love  to cook for family and friends who soon began requesting our special Rolfe Rub. One of Mary K’s friends would drop by with a little Tupperware and help herself! Her four daughters wouldn’t touch salmon without the Rolfe Rub!

Along came the 2019 wedding of Davis and Kimberly. After making approximately 200 bottles for the Rehearsal Dinner party favors and wedding gift boxes, Jim said, “We ain’t giving this stuff away anymore!” And thus, our cottage industry emerged!  An instagram account followed and featured some of our meals, but what gave  us the most  joy was the photos of meals posted  by our friends (and the wedding guests!)

Thanks for visiting our website! We look forward to seeing what you prepare with Rolfe Rub (and maybe your children will eat their veggies too!)


Jim & Mary K Rolfe